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How to Use Pink to Color Correct & Brighten the Face

Posted on: October 22nd, 2013 by veggiebeauty 1 Comment

I’m in the middle of developing products for my Christmas 2013 Holiday collection, Christmas in Gotham Revamped (which I plan on releasing at the end of October). I created Home Wrecker Cream Face Highlighter, a product that I originally intended to use as a blush. Through a bit of makeup experimentation, I realized that it actually makes the perfect color corrector for underneath my eyes. It makes sense, according to color theory, why pink would color correct the blueish green veining underneath the eye. Red and green are complimentary colors on the color wheel, and pink is a blue-toned version of red with white added. When pink is placed on top of a green-ish blue shade (like the color of veining on fair skin with yellow-pink undertones) it color corrects and neutralizes the discoloration.

I’m not suggesting that you can solely use Home Wrecker Cream Face Highighter on its own; it acts a neutralizing base on which you can blend your foundation and/or concealer. In this tutorial, I only use liquid foundation on top, but for heavier coverage, you can blend a skintoned concealer on top of the pink. This is a daytime look, so I decided less is more with my makeup. I do have roscea and sensitive skin, so I do need a bit more coverage than your average person. Feel free to adjust your coverage to a level that works for you. My theory is less is more; you can always build up and add more in specific areas where you need more concealer.


I applied Home Wrecker Face Highlighter (which is a matte, light, cool toned pink) underneath my eyes and on top of my cheekbones in a triangular pattern. This will help to brighten the eyes and lift the face, making you appear more awake.


Next step is to, with a skintoned concealer (I’m using Beauty Without Cruelty Cream Concealer in Fair) to target any hyper-pigmentation, active acne, or acne scarring. Then, using a soft blending brush (I use Everyday Minerals Eye Kabuki brush), softly blend in your concealer so there are no harsh edges. I’m not using concealer under my eyes, as the pink face highlighter I used will help color correct my under circles.


After we apply our concealer and color corrector, the next step is to lightly even out the skintone with liquid or cream foundation. I recommend using these formulas because a general rule in makeup is use to similar makeup textures together. It helps them blend seamlessly into each other. I use a synthetic, flat topped powder brush and lightly blend a thin layer into the skin, thoroughly blending it down my neck.


We never want to leave the face flat looking and 2D, so we add depth to the face by contouring. I’m using Pumpkin and Poppy Cream Face Contour in the shade Michellle with a soft, small blush brush to lightly sculpt underneath my cheekbones, my jawline, my inner eye sockets, and the bridge of my nose.


We add color to the face to make the skin glow and look healthy. I blended Pumpkin and Poppy Incognito Cream Blush into the apples of my cheeks and up onto my cheekbone, right underneath where we color corrected. I added a touch of copper lipbutter in the shade Endora (Pumpkin and Poppy Boob Tube Lip Butters).


Next, we add our finishing touches. I used Pumpkin and Poppy Oil Absorbing Mineral Veil as a primer on my eyes, to set my concealer under eyes and to lightly set my face makeup. Next, using a blending brush, I lightly swept P&P eyeshadow in the shade, Baguette, on my lids and lightly into my contour. I worked Vigilante Cream Eyeshadow (coming soon!) into my upper lashes as an eyeliner. I filled in my brows with P&P eyeshadow in the shade Riviera. Next, apply your favorite mascara (I used Zuzu Luxe Onyx mascara) and you are polished and ready to go!

Tutorial: Dusky Twilight Purple

Posted on: September 5th, 2013 by veggiebeauty 3 Comments

pp_2look6I decided to feature some of the products I made for my Fall 2013 Collection, Queen Anne, inspired by Anne Boelyn. First up is a look I did with Sacrifice eyeshadow, a silvery medium purple with silver shimmer. I always post up my promo photo looks for collections on my facebook page and this look was a favorite. It is also quite easy to do, which is a plus. It will look like your spent hours on your makeup, but I did this whole look in 15 minutes, and that includes the time it takes to draw in 2 perfect and even eyeliner wings. I do recommend taking the time to perfect your liquid eyeliner skills because it makes such a huge difference in how your overall eye-makeup looks. It pumps up the drama in your looks from a 7 to a 10 in no time flat!

Brushes You’ll Need:
Angled Eyeliner Brush (I used the Real Techniques Angled Eyeliner Brush)
Dense Eyeshadow Brush (I used the ELF Eyeshadow C Brush)
Pointed Contour Brush (I used the S175 Cozzette Brush)
Fluffy Blending Brush (I recommend the Larenim Eye Kabuki Brush)
Small Fluffy Blush Brush (I used the Face Hilight Brush from Cozzette)

Pumpkin and Poppy Products:
Perseverance Eyeshadow Pencil (Queen Anne)
Sacrifice Eyeshadow (Queen Anne)
Majesty Eyeshadow (Queen Anne)
Michelle Cream Contour
Daphne Boob Tube Lip Butter


First, apply a light layer of Perserverence Eyeshadow Pencil as a base from browbone to lid. Blend out with your fingers. Concentrate the pencil more right underneath your eyebrow for a pretty highlight. Also, use the pencil in your inner corner and to line your lower waterline. It really helps to brighten up the eyes.

First, apply a light layer of Perserverence Eyeshadow Pencil as a base from browbone to lid. Blend out with your fingers. Concentrate the pencil more right underneath your eyebrow for a pretty highlight. Also, use the pencil in your inner corner and to line your lower waterline. It really helps to brighten up the eyes.


Using your dense eyeshadow brush, tap off any excess pigment and pat the shadow onto your and slightly above the crease. This will provide a base for a crease an outer v color. Also, taking your angled eyeliner brush (I used the Real Techniques one), apply sacrifice to the lower lashline, stopping right before the inner corner.


With your contour brush (I used the Cozzette Eye Contour Brush S175), apply Majesty eyeshadow into your outer corner and slightly into your crease, on top of the base of Sacrifice eyeshadow we already layed down.


This is a neat little trick that helps two different, yet complimentary eyeshadows blend more seamlessly together. Because Majesty is a plum toned brown, it pairs beautifully with Sacrifice eyeshadow…but to make an even more subtle transition, take your eye contour brush and lightly blend Sacrifice eyeshadow on top of where we placed Majesty. It creates a really neat effect, as pictured here.


Lightly blend the edges of your crease to soften the look. The final step is to use liquid eyeliner to create a winged cat-eye. The basic technique is to, with your black liquid liner (I use Zuzu Luxe Liquid Liner in Raven), draw out an angled line at the corner of your upper eyelid. You should try and line it up with the end of the tail of your eyebrow. From the tip of that angled line, draw a triangle inwards, connecting it to your lashline. Created a tapered line that connects to the triangle shape and gets thinner towards your inner corner. Take your time and don’t try to accomplish this in one, continuous line. Do short, sketchy lines and gradually connect them and smooth them out.


To finish off look, apply your mascara, foundation and concealer. Contour your cheekbones, jawline, and nose with Michelle Contouring Powder (I used the Cozzette Highlight Brush and Green Bambu 787 Duet Fiber Large Tapered Blending for my nose). I paired Daphne Lip Butter from Pumpkin and Poppy’s Boob Tube Lip Butter Line. I thought the pink-toned purple of that shade would pair perfectly with a purple look!


Tutorial: Plum-Brown and Black Cut Crease “Cat-Eye”

Posted on: September 4th, 2013 by veggiebeauty 1 Comment


I have decided I’m going to will autumn into appearing by wearing lots of dramatic and dark eyeshadows and that is how I came up with this look. This season’s makeup tends to favor not just a cat-eye with eyeliner, but a cut crease version. The trick to this look is making sure to take your time and even out the triangles on each crease so you don’t have the dreaded wonky eye, which is the culprit of many a failed flicked wing.

If I say it once, I will say it a thousand times…if you love wearing makeup, invest in quality brushes. It makes your job so much easier and more fun if you can effortlessly blend your looks. So many of my makeup looks have been ruined because I used the wrong tools. Here is a run down of the brushes I used to create this look. I honestly don’t mind using a few cheaper brushes, especially if they aren’t my blending brushes. If you are going to splurge on any brushes, splurge on face brushes and eye blending brushes.



Brushes You Will Need:

  • 2 Angled Eyeliner Brush (one for defining the cut crease, the other for filling your brows)
  • Precision Brush (a small, dense brush, I used the ELF Precision Brush)
  • Dense and Flat Eyeshadow Brush (I used ELF Eyeshadow C Brush)
  • Small Blending Brush (I used the Cozzette Mini Eye Contour Brush)
  • Soft Fluffy Blending Brush (for browbone and blending, I used this Larenim Brush)
  • Small Blush Brush (I think its worth spending the extra money for this Cozzette One, especially if you have issues contouring)

Pumpkin and Poppy Products:
Eyeshadows- Eiffel, Louvre, & Majesty
Little Black Dress Cream Eyeliner
Michelle Cream Face Contour
Evenstar Lip Butter

Other Products:
Zuzu Luxe Moisturizing Liquid Foundation
Beauty Without Cruelty Cream Concealer
Zuzu Luxe Liquid Liner (Raven)
Zuzu Luxe Mascara (Onyx)
Too Faced Matte Eye Palette (for brows)

Tip: Don’t apply your foundation and concealer until the end of this look! It is the key to fool proof dark eyeshadow.

Apply black eyeliner all over lid, lightly with your finger. Using an angled eyeliner brush, lightly sketch in a triangle, starting at your outer eye corner and meeting the top part of your crease. If you have hooded lids (like me) draw your triangle shape slightly about where you eyelid folds. This step doesn't have to look perfect, we are just lightly laying down a base.

Apply black eyeliner all over lid (I’m using Pumpkin and Poppy’s Little Black Dress Cream Eyeliner) lightly with your finger. Using an angled eyeliner brush, lightly sketch in a triangle, starting at your outer eye corner and meeting the top part of your crease. If you have hooded lids (like me) draw your triangle shape slightly above where you eyelid folds. This step doesn’t have to look perfect, we are just lightly laying down a base.


Next, using your angled eyeliner brush, pat matte black eyeshadow (Eiffel) into a more defined cut crease cat-eye shape. Also, lightly press the shadow into your lower lashline.

Pat matte black eyeshadow onto the lid, don't worry if there is fall out. You can clean up any mess after you finish. Tightline your upper and lower waterline with black eyeliner, making sure to fill in any skintoned gaps that may show through your eyelashes. We want this look to have a super black base!

Pat matte black eyeshadow onto the lid, don’t worry if there is fall out. You can clean up any mess after you finish. Tightline your upper and lower waterline with black eyeliner, making sure to fill in any skintoned gaps that may show through your eyelashes. We want this look to have a super black base!

In the center of the lid, on top of the black eyeshadow, lightly pat and blend a plum toned brown eyeshadow. I used Majesty from my fall 2013 collection, Queen Anne.

In the center of the lid, on top of the black eyeshadow, lightly pat and blend a plum toned brown eyeshadow. I used Majesty from my fall 2013 collection, Queen Anne.


Apply a thin line of black eyeliner and slightly wing out at edge, meeting with the line of the cat eye shape. Also, using a fluffy blending brush, blend a bit of off white matte shadow (I used Louvre) into the browbone.


To help make this look a bit more seamless, blend more of the plummy brown (Majesty) right above your cut crease. Make sure to take your time and do it softly because we don’t want to ruin the cat-eye shape we created. Take the eyeshadow into the inner socket of the eye. Also, lightly blend the same shade underneath the black eyeshadow on the lower lashline.
Also, take a moment to lightly fill your brows with a complimentary eyeshadow color and an angled eyeliner brush, focusing on defining the crease.


For the rest of the face, apply your concealer and foundation. To contour, I used Pumpkin and Poppy Michelle Cream Contour with my Cozzette Face Highlight Brush. Using this brush really gives a natural and soft contour. I also used to lightly define the bridge of my nose and jawline.
On the lips, I’m wearing Evenstar Lip Butter from Pumpkin and Poppy’s One Right Collection.

Voila, this look is perfect excuse to break out your darker and more dramatic makeup. I love pairing a strong eye look like this with an effortless and chic top knot and a dramatic scarf. Makes me feel more elegant and polished, and a colorful scarf also keeps the look more playful and less severe.

How to Keep Eye-Makeup From Creasing (Oily-Lids)

Posted on: March 15th, 2013 by veggiebeauty 3 Comments

I have a love and hate relationship with eye makeup because I have the curse of oily eyelids. The one benefit to oily lids is that it will take longer for me to develop deep crowsfeet around the eyes; I look at that as a good enough reason to put a little more effort into my makeup routine. I have found many tips and tricks that I would like to share that help keep my products in place longer and keep them from creasing. I’m not going to lie, natural products are not 24-7 kind of makeup items…they use natural waxes and oils that will breakdown throughout the day, but it is my belief that makeup shouldn’t be bulletproof. Who knows what chemicals commercial products have to keep them on the skin all day long? The skin naturally cleanses itself with oils throughout the day, which is healthy. Here are my own personal do’s and don’ts to help lessen the dreaded racoon eyes and keep your makeup in place.

Tip #1 Don’t Put Liquid Foundation or Concealer on the Eyes
Liquid foundations are not developed as primers for the eyelid…most are oil based and quite thin, so they tend to be the #1 culprit when it comes to eyeshadow creasing.

Tip #2 Powder as a Primer
I used to use liquid eye primers, but I never found a natural primer that was vegan that I really loved using. I stopped using liquid eye primers, and switched to simply powdering my lids prior to doing my eye-makeup. You want to create a barrier between the oils of your lids and the oils in whatever cream products you are using. If you are using cream eyeshadow, lightly blend a powder foundation or neutral eyeshadow onto the lid. You can also use Pumpkin and Poppy Oil Absorbing Mineral Veil…you will need to pack a bit more of it on the lid than with a titanium dioxide based foundation or eyeshadow, as titanium dioxide drinks up oils and moisture.

Tip #3 Never Use Cream Eyeliners with Cream Eyeshadows!
I’m an oil painter and in college, the first thing my professor told us when it was time to clean up our brushes was to use cooking oil! Oils break down oils, it is also the concept behind the oil cleansing method. I only use cream eyeliners on top of powdered eyeshadow; on the rare occasion that I’m feeling like tempting the makeup gods by wearing this combo, I will set my cream eyeliner with an eyeshadow and then lightly dust my finished creation with a translucent powder, like Pumpkin and Poppy’s Oil Absorbing Mineral Veil. For cream eyeshadows, I use a powdered eyeshadow with a stiff precision brush as my eyeliner.

Tip #4 Translucent Powder is Your Friend
You know how mid-day you go to the bathroom and powder your nose? Why not apply this concept to your eyeshadows? Take a translucent powder (opaque powder will dull and obscure your eye-makeup) and using a fluffy brush, lightly dust some over your eyelids. I swear, this really helps!

Tip #5 Use Powder Eyeshadow in Your Crease
My eye-makeup tends to crease right wear my eyelids meet my socket bone. To help prevent this, if I’m wearing cream eyeshadow on the lid I will wear a powdered eyeshadow right in the crease prone area.

Tip #6 Less is More
Always apply cream eyeshadows in a thin layer. Some recommend applying cream eyeshadows with a brush, I only use my fingers. I feel like I’m able to work the product into the lid with the heat of my fingers more effectively than with a brush. Do not over apply, it will definitely crease.

Tip #7 Wear Creams as Bases for Powder Eyeshadows
I find that this is my favorite way to wear cream eyeshadows; I use them to enhance my powdered eyeshadows. I will use a darker cream base if I want to do a smokey eye or want to darken up my eyeshadow color; I use white or skin-toned bases when I want bright and vibrant colors to stand out. I also find that my eyeshadow lasts longer when I wear a good cream eyeshadow base, especially one with oil absorbing ingredients built in. I developed the Pumpkin and Poppy cream eyeshadow pencils with kaolin clay, titanium dioxide, and arrowroot powder to help absorb oil from the lid. You can purchase Wipeout and Baby Eyeshadow Pencils with my Summer Love Collection.

Baby Eyeshadow Pencil on the lid, paired with Wipeout in the Browbone area. I used very light layers and blended them thoroughly into the eyelid; I prepped the eye first by applying Pumpkin and Poppy Oil Absorbing Mineral Veil.

Halloween Tutorial: Siouxsie Sioux

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This is a tutorial inspired by the talented, gothic musician, Siouxsie Sioux of Siouxsie and the Banshees. Her most famous song is probably Hong Kong (more…)

Tutorial: Retro Glam (Matte Coral Lip)

Posted on: March 26th, 2011 by veggiebeauty No Comments

Rate, Comment, and Subscribe! I got a lot of compliments on this makeup look, so I decided to do a tutorial for you! Its easy to wear coral lips and is such a flattering color when worn the right way! Products used: Stila One Step Makeup (Fair) Natural Minerals Powder Foundation (Fair-Neutral) Everyday Minerals Soft-Bronzer ELF Golden Bronzer ELF Cream eyeliner (coffee) NYX Rootbeer eyeshadow Wet n’ Wild Megalast Lipcolor in Coral-line Wet n’ Wild MegaPlump Mascara (Waterproof) (I used ELF and Ecotools brushes which are synthetic and vegan!) Everything used in this tutorial is cruelty-free and vegan as always! FTC: All products used in this video were purchased by myself, except for the Everyday Minerals Soft Bronzer which I was sent for review purposes only. I am in no sponsored by or affiliated with any companies.

Finding Passion for Makeup Again

Posted on: February 5th, 2011 by admin 1 Comment
Peacock Look using cruelty-free products

I just did a tutorial on my youtube channel using peacock inspired colors. I have been seeing so many beautiful peacock inspired looks on youtube because of the M.A.C. Peacocky collection, but I’ve been really down about makeup in general in the last couple of months. This is partially because I recently found out that M.A.C. is not a cruelty-free company and have gotten a lot of hate for pointing this out. I had quite a few people unsubscribe to me for telling the truth, and it just made me feel kind of down about the cruelty-free research I have been doing.

I’ve recently decided, thanks to the support of my friends in the beauty community, to give makeup a chance again. I’m not going to worry about what makeup everyone is hyping up on youtube. I’m going to use products from companies I can respect, and products I can afford. I’m also excited about the great cruelty-free, and vegan companies I’ve been adding to my cruelty-free list. I can’t wait till I have the funds to try out more brands and get people more excited about cruelty-free makeup. I think it will be kind of rebellious to use products that other bloggers aren’t using, it will make the items I use more unique and special. I don’t want to use the same products as everyone else, I want colors and products that reflect my interests, budget, and passion for animal rights.

After much reflection, I’ve decided that I can still enjoy the color and artistry of makeup collections without supporting companies that contribute to animal cruelty. My friend, Heather (barbiedlux on youtube) had a great idea to do cruelty-free dupes of M.A.C. collections. I know I’m a bit behind on the Peacocky collection trend, but her idea really struck a chord with me.  When I paint, I don’t need to use a certain brand of oil paints to create the colors and overall style that I want. The same idea applies to makeup artistry. The ideas and inspiration come from me and things that inspire me, not from what brand of makeup I use.

I have to say I am inspired by all of the beautiful, bright colors that spring fashion shows are forecasting and the 60′s and 70′s fashion spreads I’ve been seeing. I just have to let everyone know that I treat fashion and beauty magazines as a guide when it comes to makeup and fashion, not a bible. I know my blog and my youtube channel are usually focused on my cruelty-free research and vegan interests, but I wouldn’t be a beauty blogger if I didn’t really LOVE the glamour and beauty of makeup. I really do want to love it again after feeling so negative about it for the last couple of months because of the dishonesty of certain companies. I’m not going to let them take away my passion for makeup, if anything, its made me appreciate the brands I use that do have integrity. I don’t need to have expensive, high end up makeup to create beautiful makeup looks. If you have skill, you can make your 100 pc. ELF Palette create any looks that inspire you.